Green days in AVA Shopping Park! Together for a healthier planet


Every action we take and every choice we make has an impact on the entire planet. That’s why AVA Shopping Park will go green this September in order to draw attention to the important role of eco-awareness and a healthier environment. During the weekend of 24-25. September, in the period from 12:00 to 19:00, in AVA Park, all visitors can expect an educational ecological program and presentation of initiatives for a healthier life in harmony with nature.

We are preparing workshops where creative items will be made from natural materials. Appropriate eco-gifts await the participants: seeds to feed the birds during the cold days, pencils that are planted to grow into fragrant basil and children’s coloring pencils. With a handful of tips on urban gardening, which has been a hit in urban areas in recent years, visitors can learn about healthy microflora and the miraculous properties of herbal preparations, learn about natural materials and the basics of eco-ceramics.

On Saturday, a wooden “photobooth” will be set up so that visitors can send environmental messages to the world (#avagreendays #avaekosvest). On Sunday afternoon, the mascot Ricky from the popular “Paw Patrol” will show the little ones how to protect the environment.

We will also promote textile recycling and the trend of organic clothing production, and there will also be advice from celebrities on how to contribute to the “health of our planet”.

Small changes lead to huge results, that’s why AVA reminds us that every choice we make is our impact on the planet. And that’s why choose green.