Legal Statement


IKEA SRBIJA DOO BEOGRAD (VOŽDOVAC) seated at Astrid Lindgren 11, Belgrade, TIN 104990791, identification number 20287608 (hereinafter referred to as: the Company) undertakes to apply the highest standards of ethical, moral and lawful business conduct, as well as to comply with competition laws that protect free and open competition on the market.

The Company is committed to upholding the principles of ethical conduct, with a focus on fostering integrity as one of its core values. Employees undertake to disclose any possible conflict of interest, to treat everyone fairly, to avoid any intention of immoral or compromising practices, to respect and appreciate any and all persons they may come in contact with, regardless of their race, religion, gender, nation, sexual orientation, motherhood, marital or family status, disability or age.


The company has undertaken the obligation to operate legally and within the legal framework. Employees are obliged to observe the applicable laws and guidelines of the Company in their daily activities.

We are committed to preventing significant risks:

  • potential conflicts of interest
  • transactions with related parties that are not transparent or concluded under market conditions
  • keeping data confidentiality and trade secrets
  • unopened and incomplete financial reporting, i.e. unopened and incomplete communication
  • violation of tax regulations
  • use of inside information or insider trading
  • money laundering and terrorist financing
  • insufficient compliance with regulations governing prevention of corruption and fraud

The Company’s business rules and procedures shall be periodically reviewed and revised so as to ensure continued compliance with applicable legal and regulatory frameworks.


The Company policy is to cooperate exclusively with partners whose business is legal and lawful, who maintain transparent business relationships.

All forms of bribery and corruption (giving, offering, receiving or soliciting) are illegal and strictly prohibited. The Company shall not hire a third party as an intermediary to enable active or passive corrupt practices, nor we shall make unofficial payments. Our employees will not directly or indirectly commit acts of bribery and corruption for the benefit of themselves or any other private or public person or civil servant, nor shall they bribe, directly or indirectly, representatives of our business partners in order to obtain preferential treatment or benefits.

The Company will enter into business relations exclusively with partners who comply with the legal provisions on the prevention of corruption; who do not and will not commit, directly or indirectly, any corruption practices for the benefit of a private or public person or civil servant; they will not bribe any Company representatives for the purpose of obtaining preferential treatment or benefits.

The Company shall ensure that their employees understand and act in accordance with the principles of ethics, conflicts of interest, prevention of corruption and harassment, and to disclose and adequately resolve any and all potential conflicts of interest. We encourage our employees and our business partners to report any ethical or serious problems they may encounter, and we apply our Whistleblowing Rulebook for this purpose.

Employees are trained to keep protected data of the Company, business secrets and all sensitive data related to business confidential. This information shall not be disclosed on the market, to our competitors, customers, suppliers or third parties, unless in the case of legal requirement therefor.

Personal data and business information are handled with due care and are kept completely confidential, and protected by strict security measures and rules.

In accordance with their socially responsible role, the Company may participate in sponsorships and donations, but will not support political parties, will not interfere in political issues in the country and will not participate in lobbying for political purposes. The Company will NOT sponsor or make donations to companies whose activities conflict with the Company values or goals and/or adversely affect the environment, health and safety, which directly or indirectly promotes violence or terrorism, or companies that participate in the work political parties/campaigns or support them in any way.