The latest research has established that the food of the future is micro plants. The researchers concluded that most of the microgreens tested contained vitamins in higher concentrations than mature plants. In addition, the micro plants are grown in chemically untreated soil and receive plenty of light, which creates chemical energy increasing their flavor and potency.

You can find out more about this superfood for super health at our Eco weekend where we build ECO EVERYTHING from the participants @plantica_mikrobilje and MIKROBILJE Dr Green Thumb.


Green Thumb is a story about “green fingers”. They learned from the best, standardized controlled conditions according to ISO and HACCP procedures and exceeded them because they know how important it is who prepares our food. It will be presented through education, workshops will be for children and parents, 24.9. and they will be kept by children for children. The focus is on green health and why micro plants are superfoods. It will be beautiful, colorful, interesting and delicious.

Microbial Plata

Introducing the most diverse types of micro-herbs and how they combine with flavors. Tasting of domestic products without harmful substances, sugar and additives and presentation of flavor combinations. Explaining the health benefits of each type.

Your habits create the future of the planet!