Dexy Co Kids

Dexy Co Kids retail chain offers a huge up-to-date array of world brands of toys and equipment, as well as a very rich selection of children’s clothes and shoes, and also books for all ages.

Dexy Co Kids stores are not ordinary, but carefully and creatively designed to awaken the most loving memories and unique experience in children and parents. An impressive choice of toys arranged by category will meet the needs of every child.

All these items are designed and manufactured by world brands such as: Hasbro, MGA, IMC, LEGO, Moose, Burago, Majorette, Revell, Tomy, Clementoni and many others.

Friendly, experienced and professional sellers who present toys and equipment in the best way are always at your service so that everyone’s stay is pleasant and remains a good memory.

We are waiting for you. 🙂



Monday – Sunday:
10:00 – 21:00


+381 66 849-3057