AVA Shopping Park part of the Tesla supercharger network


AVA Shopping Park has 8 superchargers for Tesla cars with a capacity of 250kW in its parking lot, thus the retail park has joined the network of more than 35,000 charging locations that allow users of these cars to travel freely around the world.

Traffic has long been recognized as a powerful source of pollution, and one of the solutions is vehicles that have an exclusively electric drive. In accordance with a business policy that promotes sustainability and an ecological approach, it is planned that AVA Shopping Park, after the expansion and completion of the second phase, will install 10 more such chargers next year, in addition to several generic ones for other electric cars.

This partnership ensures that Tesla car owners in and around Belgrade can quickly and easily charge their vehicles when they are not at home or at work. As there are shops of popular sports and fashion brands around the parking lot, waiting can turn into great shopping, but also a break with a coffee and a delicious meal. All charging points for electric cars in AVA Shopping Park are additionally marked with horizontal signage for easier navigation during your first visit to the shopping park. If it is taken into account that Tesla vehicles have a built-in navigation system that directs drivers to nearby superchargers, AVA Shopping Park becomes an unavoidable destination for guests and transit passengers using the Belgrade-Nis highway.

According to official data, Tesla has installed more than 11,300 superchargers at more than 1,350 locations/stations worldwide since 2012. As stated, the goal is to expand the global network of superchargers to enable easier planning of long-distance trips while simultaneously covering densely populated urban areas.